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…whether you are a student or not. If you take out your student insurance policies while you are a student, you can keep them until you turn 30 years old. This is a saving of approx. 44% annually.

You can keep the free Home Contents Insurance as long as you are a student member of IDA, afterwards the insurance will cost from DKK 850 per. year, as long as you are not 30 years of age.

Home contents insurance (household insurance)
Basic coverage
Basic cover
Fire coverage
Theft and vandalism
Mental health crisis help
Water and weather damage
Accident, including glasses
Extended water damage
Home cover
Gadget Insurance
Property for rent coverage
Insured sum
Single high-risk item – one high-value item
Single high-risk item – money, gift card and the like.
Sum per. bike
Luggage insured sum
Handicap modification
Group of things - Design furniture
Groups of things - Jewelry, watches, gold, and silver
Groups of things - Collections
Liability insurance - persons
Liability insurance - things
Legal insurance
Non-life insurance tax
Storm damage tax
Membership fee
Guarantee Fund Charges
Invoicing fees, Direct Debit Payments
Annual price incl. taxes
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that when you travel, it is nice to know that you can always get home safely, no matter where in the world you are? Travel insurance covers both the snow-covered trails and if you are into adrenaline-pumping activities such as diving or bungy jumping. The policy includes Cancellation coverage.

Travel insurance
Description of coverage for students
Geography Worldwide
Package Super
Number of travel days per trip 60
Illness and injury
Rescue and evacuation
Holiday home protection
Tryg Medical Hotline
Broken active travel
Rental car abroad, insurance excess
Business days
Extra travel companion
Flight compensation
One free vaccine
Baggage damage
Flight compensation
Broken active travel
Trip cost 90,000 DKK
Luggage cover 50,000 DKK
Insurance excess 0 DKK
enatl car abroad, insurance excess 25,000 DKK
Baggage delay 1,200 DKK
Food supply 1,200 DKK
Treatment expenses 15,000 DKK
Non-life insurance tax
Invoicing fees, Direct Debit Payments
Annual price incl. taxes
Did you know...
that with an accident insurance you are covered financially if you have an accident and get a permanent injury of at least 5%. Your teeth are also insured. With the accident insurance, you are also covered in the laboratory, if that is part of your study.
Accident insurance
Basic coverage
Insured sum dead
Insured sum invalidity
Extended Permanent Disability
Knee Injury from 5%
Optional coverings
Immediate Compensation
Extended Help
Dangerous sport
Chewing Injury
Critical illness
Non-life insurance tax
Invoicing fees, Direct Debit Payments
Annual price incl. taxes
17,500 have already done it
More than 17,500 study members in IDA have already taken out their insurance with us. Do the same and get Denmark's cheapest student insurance.
Below you can see the insurance policies you have chosen. You can also see covers and sums on the individual insurances by clicking on "See details". Here you also have the option to add additional coverage.
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Home contents
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Remember that the cheap insurance assumes that you are a member of IDA.

The student membership is free and without obligation the first year, and then it costs only DKK 20 per month.

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There can be a maximum of 3 people in a household on a student content insurance. If you are more that 3 people - contact us on tel. 70 21 01 91 for an individual offer.

Only adults or legally responsible can take out insurance with IDA Forsikring.

When you enter your Social Security number, CPR, you authorize that we can use it. Please contact us you do not wish to enter your CPR number.
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